Rugged and waterproof
Designed for comfort and built to withstand extreme environments, Apex 3-Series headsets are waterproof, dustproof and they float! Tested and verified from -30°C to 60°C, these rugged communicators are ready to work wherever the job takes you.

Situational Awareness
Microphones placed on the forward edge of each ear dome provide stereo listen-through, letting you hear your environment and transmitting the perception of sound in front versus sound from behind. You control listen-through volume.

Active Sound Management
The industry’s first built-in sound dosimeter automatically limits high impulse noise like gunshots in Listen-Through mode. It monitors sound exposure over your work shift and automatically adjusts input levels for safety compliance.


Behind Head

Hard Hat

NEW FEATURES: Now with wired auxiliary, optional wireless Bluetooth and the latest DECT7 wireless technology, Sonetics Apex 3-Series headsets are ready for any job. Wired auxiliary extends communication to any two-way radio via our PR radio interface. Wireless Bluetooth connects mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices. DECT7 wireless is the latest high-defi nition team communication system.